November 30, 2022


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‘Cobra Kai’ star Ralph Macchio hasn’t held back from real-life feud with William Zabka

'Cobra Kai' star Ralph Macchio hasn't held back from real-life feud with William Zabka

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Tension boils on the screen between Cobra Kai co-stars Ralph Macchio And the William Zabka? Not entirely far from reality.

On October 16, Ralph spoke with Watchman In an exclusive interview about his new book, Morning on: me and the karate boy. He revealed everything in his diary, including his regrets for the former star Elizabeth Shawa story to near casting in friends. However, fans everywhere screamed when Ralph admitted that William didn’t get along with his then and now teammate.

The duo played foes — Ralph as Daniel Larseau and William as Johnny Lawrence — in the 1984 original film. the Karate Kid. Although it inspired a decades-long success story, the two reprized their roles Netflix Cobra KaiTurns out, the conflict followed them off the screen.

William Zabka as Johnny Lawrence in a scene from the movie 1984 the Karate Kid.Michael Oaks Archives – Getty Images

according to WatchmanThere was an incident while filming Battle of Halloween that ended up with Ralph actually going out, which definitely translated well into the intensity of the animosity.

Although the duo only talked a lot about each other in the press, their friendship didn’t flare up until years later – 2005, to be exact – when they met for the first time ever in Pat Morita (aka Mr. Miyagi), funeral. “It caught my eye,” Ralph said in his diary of the meeting. “No smile, just a simple smile.”

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Ralph Macchio and William Zabka attend the premiere of

Ralph Macchio and William Zapka attend Netflix Cobra Kai Fifth season premiere.Philip Varoni – Getty Images

previous to Cobra Kai season 5William, too They talked about their friendship. “One director chose both of us [of] The universe threw us into the same plate. Then the movie exploded and turned into a classic.” hot tub time machine the actor. “Over the years, Ralph and I have seen each other, bumped into each other at different festivals and this and that, [a] Monument to Pat Morita.”

It seemed like a step forward they needed as Ralph later joined William on a few other projects, including appearing in How do I meet your mother. In fact, there is a constant joke in the sitcom about what Daniel and Johnny may have gotten to when middle-aged men foreshadowed a bit of what was to come for them.

with Cobra Kai Season 6 is not far away, perhaps we will see more similarities. Here is the Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang’s powerful alliance in the future!

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