October 5, 2022


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CHU is tense again

Reunion University Hospital warns Reunion people about the resurgence of tensions over its healthcare offer since last weekend as health conditions in the region have deteriorated due to the Govt epidemic. This tension also applies to other health institutions in the region.

Circulation of the Covit-19 virus has accelerated again in Reunion, now affecting more than 500 cases per 100,000 population. Similarly, the number of patients admitted to intensive care units or the entire Kovit hospital is gradually increasing.

Attendance at the border of the OMICRON variant, relaxation of barrier gestures, and vaccination rate in inadequate populations are background factors of concern.

After a nearly two-year health crisis at the CHU front, the teams’ fatigue, exacerbated by the potential, drastically reduced the arrival of reinforcements, in order to avoid reaching the enrichment limits of hospital capabilities. CHU officials politely call on people to be more vigilant as the situation in metropolitan France worsens and the holidays approach.

Following the crisis unit on Wednesday, December 22nd, CHU again undertook capacity building, especially in the intensive care unit. However, with the highest aggression rate of all hospital services, CHU has at the same time been subjected to great inconvenience in all its operations.

This tension applies to other health organizations in the region involved in the cohesiveness management of the Govt crisis, as well as public and private clinics in the Groupement Hospitalier de Territoire (CHOR and GHER).

This raises fears that CHU’s response to covid infection may worsen in the coming days and weeks, but access to treatment for other diseases will require some medical and surgical care to manage covid infection. Emergencies are assessed even if they are insured.

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Finally, the very alarming evolution of the Govt infection curve in recent days has created great concern for management and the hospital community.

As a result, CHU calls on the people of Reunion:
– Believing in the effectiveness of the vaccine, especially those at risk, should not take the risk of endangering fellow citizens in need of hospital care. As a reminder, 90% of patients admitted to the hospital in the intensive care unit are not vaccinated
– In order to protect themselves and those close to them, carefully respect the barrier gestures and be tested before the end of the year.