February 9, 2023


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China has not been able to get out of “zero covid” and has suffered more than 1 million deaths.

A health worker performs a Covid-19 screening test on a young woman in Beijing, Wednesday, Nov. 23. Jade Gao/AFP

Explanation – China is facing a strong wave of coronavirus contamination. This sparked unprecedented demonstrations and increased blockades.

As of March 2020, the entire world is restricted. At the same time, China declares that it will emerge victorious from the Covid-19 crisis thanks to its zero tolerance for SARS-CoV-2. In the months that followed and as the epidemic tides rolled in, the number died It was relatively rare in the country where the virus originated. But over the past few months, the situation has turned upside down.

The world has returned to freedom, and if the virus is still spreading, it will not impose the same restrictions on our lives. however, In China, the current wave causes a very strong reaction. However, the country is ramping up restrictions to the point of provoking strong reactions in an unaccustomed Chinese society. Public protests.

“Too many care services and too many deaths”

Note that China is not the only country that has chosen this strategy.Zero covidAntoine Flahalt, professor of public health at the University of Geneva, analyzes. But he is the only one today stranded in the face of the breaking tide…

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