February 9, 2023


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Casablanca-Istanbul flight diverted to Barcelona… Did she fake an imminent delivery to let 28 people escape on the tarmac?

As was the case in Palma de Mallorca last year, Barcelona airport was the scene of a forced landing of migrants to improve flight.

A pregnant woman was forced to land between Tuesday and Wednesday night Barcelona on the Casablanca-Istanbul flight. According to her reports, her water had broken and labor had already begun.

However, upon landing, 28 people immediately fled onto the tarmac of El Prat Airport in Barcelona.

Almost half the passengers were stopped. Five people have already agreed to take the plane back to Istanbul. For others, the procedure to return to Morocco was initiated by the Spanish authorities.

As of this Thursday morning, the 13-year-old had completely disappeared from the radar.

Pregnant woman arrested

When taken to hospital, the pregnant woman did not give birth and she was accused of faking the onset of labor to encourage other passengers to escape. The police arrested her for disturbing public peace by pretending to witness a delivery.

In November 2021, a Casablanca-Istanbul flight was forced to land in Palma de Mallorca when a passenger faked a diabetic coma, and the mode of operation resembles another incident.

A dozen passengers fled without being caught by the police. The airport in Palma was closed for several hours following the incident.

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