June 9, 2023


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Capcom’s ‘suspicious’ Resident Evil tease was just a site update

Capcom's 'suspicious' Resident Evil tease was just a site update

to update: Hopefully you weren’t too excited about yesterday’s Resident Evil tease because all Capcom did was add some info about previous titles to the custom series website.

Photo: Capcom

As you can see, another update to the portal is scheduled for February 22nd.

original story [Tue 15th Feb, 2022 08:00 GMT]: Capcom vampire A Twitter account just revealed that we can expect some news today.

The account’s latest tweet indicates that there is “something fishy” going on and the announcement will be made today (February 15) at 4 PM JST (02:00 AM EST / 07:00 AM GMT).

However, the tag “# Hahahahahahahaha‘It may indicate that this is not an important announcement, but something more interesting.

This appears to be separate from countdown which Capcom currently operates on its main site.

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