June 5, 2023


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Can Donald Trump’s tax issues prevent him from being “better again”?

Not once customary. Donald Trump The court case is back in the news. Or more precisely, a financial affair, because it was about fraud with writing on behalf of one of the biggest children of the former president of the United States. Trump system. To better understand what lies behind these “fraudulent” tax practices, but also what it means for Donald Trump’s political career, 20 minutes Asked three questions Jean-Eric PranaLecturer at the University of Paris II, specializing in topics related to society and politics United States. Be careful, the fall may surprise you!

What exactly is this investigation into tax evasion?

To put things in context, it is important to keep in mind that this case is more aimed at the taxpayer Trump than the former Republican president. “The company has been accused Donald TrumpJean-Eric Prana explains that the “Trump system” does not declare all its dividends. The Trump family, the father and his two children இவங்க And Donald Jr.Would have transformed the statistics of multinational corporations with a dual purpose: “The Department of Education refers to being rich by borrowing on the basis of higher returns than true, and declaring lower dividends to pay less ‘taxes’.

At the same time, the 45th President of the United States has refused to issue his tax returns during and after his presidency. “For Donald Trump, being president is the equivalent of being king, but the US Constitution does not ask for that,” Jean-Irk-Prana analyzes. And representatives of this Constitution, in this inquiry State Attorney New YorkLaetitia James, and that Manhattan, Cyrus Vance Jr.. “James seems to have made this case his hobby, and Trump does not want to leave the organization,” the expert in American politics continued. The New York State Attorney added a criminal element to his investigation, which so far has been civil in nature.

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What is the danger in criminal terms of Donald Trump – and his children?

“In fact, with the exception of the Donald Trump fine, paradoxically the lecturer is not at high risk. This is a case that has been going on for six years. American Justice System The more the scale of the fraud, the more likely it is to last for many more years. It’s a reminder that Donald Trump is 75 years old … and the snake bites his tail. Former President of the United States He has millions of dollars to protect himself from stealing millions of dollars. “It is one of the most powerful security systems in the United States,” explains Jean-Eric Prana.

On the other hand, it is the specialty of this case Children Donald Trump is young but very involved in this scam: “If the lawyer can’t bring down the father, he will not leave anything for the children. This is why Donald Trump is further embarrassed by this investigation. ⁇

The other protagonist of this story, who at the same time faces severe sanctions but is the appointed victim of Donald Trump. Mazar Office. The accounting firm, which was responsible for the businessman’s financial affairs, has recently resigned Trump system. The reason? The company considers that the company’s submissions are not honest. “But why haven’t you talked for ten years?” Jean asked Eric Prana. Mazars is in business and Donald Trump is putting heavy burdens on his former accounting firm to clear customs.

What is Donald Trump – and besides Trump – at political risk?

Well, if Majors And Trump’s children are taking fines and even prison, Donald Trump can retire from politics, right? “Of course not!” The expert responds. Trump has some sort of magical immunity card that will allow him to say and do what he wants without consequences. “For that Jean-Eric Prana, This superpower comes to him first and foremost from his constituents: “Donald Trump has no voters, he has fans. An unwavering support that never, or almost never, ever questioned his word. “In turn, the elected authorities will do no harm to him. Its weight and potential for harm are very high in the United States,” the expert noted. 20 minutes.

Anyone who never hides from considering the possibility of competing for a second term will not be more afraid of it than a new test. “Throughout his life, Donald Trump lived close 600 trials and trials. It did not completely stop us from making political progress until we became President of the United States, ”concludes Jean-Eric Prana. No trial or investigation, apparently nothing will stop Donald Trump Great again.