January 29, 2023


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By signing decrees on weapons and the Amazon, Lula quickly turns Bolsonaro’s side

Lula It quickly took the first steps to turn the page Jair Bolsonaro. Rarely investment, new leader Brazil He signed orders specifically to limit the use of weapons or strengthen the defenses of the Amazon, taking the opposite view of his predecessor’s government.

In the 24 hours following his swearing-in ceremony in the capital on Sunday, the left-wing icon began implementing some of his campaign promises. A look at the key decisions taken by the new President:

Restrictions on Arms

In a decree published Monday in the Official Journal, Lula suspended for two months new registrations of weapons and ammunition for hunters, collectors and sport shooters (grouped under the acronym CAC). The category has tripled its arsenal during Bolsonaro’s four years in office, reaching one million registered weapons.

Lula limited the possibility of purchasing weapons and ammunition for certain authorized uses and stopped issuing new licenses for CACs and new registrations for shooting clubs and schools. The President created a task force to propose new regulations for the Act DisarmamentIn force since 2003 and its first government at that time, it aims to disarm civilians.

Measures to control deforestation

The new head of state signed on to strengthen the country’s securityAmazonCompared to the previous decade, its average annual deforestation has increased by 75%. Lula specifically established the “Preventive and Permanent Interim Commission Deforestation control », was created in 2008 with the aim of investing donations in the forest, taking into account its protection, when deciding to reactivate the funds for the Amazon.

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The fund has been frozen since 2019 due to differences over the targeting of the funds between Norway and Germany, the main donors, and the Bolsonaro government. Both these countries have expressed their desire to bring it back to the fore.

Lula also rescinded a decree authorizing mining in indigenous areas and ecologically protected areas.

Minimum wage increase

On Sunday, in the middle of an investiture ceremony, Lula signed a decree aimed at expanding the popular “Bolsa Familia” program, which provides 600 reais (about 105 euros) a month to poor families. He also signed an increase in the minimum wage from 1,212 to 1,320 rai (about 230 euros), which had not yet been published in the official gazette on Monday.

125 million of the country’s 215 million Brazilians are affectedFood insecurityand 30 million from hunger.

Privatization stopped

Lula halted the process begun under Bolsonaro to privatize eight public companies, including oil giant Petrobras and Brazilian Post. He also warned during the campaign that he did not want to privatize public bodies.