November 30, 2022


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Boris Johnson tries to regain control

For the past ten days, British opponents, commentators and political journalists have been wondering: Will Boris Johnson’s lucky star disappear? Who allowed him to come out of the eighteen months of health crisis without much damage on the ballot and to maintain the unity of his Conservative party despite being beaten on the left (his tax increases). It is true that in early November, the British Prime Minister went down a bad path by trying to strain to protect one of the suspicious, corrupt practices of elected officials from his party. Own, Owen Patterson, however, relied on banned campaign practices in Westminster.

Wednesday, November 17 is a try day for Boris Johnson. In addition to a persistent cold, the British Prime Minister had to endure the features of fatigue, the reaction of reluctance, the questions to the Prime Minister of the House of Commons during the session. Khair Stormer, leader of the Labor opposition, Led by “Cowardice”, Mr. He did not apologize for wanting to suspend the ban against Patterson. Mr. Johnson followed a two-hour tight quiz “Contact Committee”, An ad hoc parliamentary committee, where he was found very nervous.

“Water Down” version

In the evening he still had to confront the members of the “1922 group”, a powerful club of elected conservatives, who were deeply saddened by the utterly failed administration of the Patterson case. Not a single day has passed since the beginning of November without an article about these generous donors to the Tory party, the House of Lords or “More than 90 Conservative MPs”, According to Protector, Those who engage in profitable parallel consulting activities. It was counting, Wednesday, without charges. “ Improper behavior Stanley Johnson, 81, the famous Tory MP Caroline Knox, cites an incident in 2003 by Boris Johnson’s father, chair of the Parliamentary Committee on Women and Equality.

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But, worse for the Prime Minister, perhaps – paradoxically – he proposed this final referendum (297 votes, zero against) the day before a government proposal, which aims to limit the second work of the delegates. He did not intend to bring this proposal to strengthen the Code of Conduct of Parliament, fifteen days before the Opposition whom he wished to weaken. But he was forced to do so in an attempt to close the erosive “corruption” bracket he had opened. Labor overtook them on the left to avoid exploiting corruption. Labor moved a motion similar to the one on Downing Street, which was passed almost simultaneously on Wednesday; Although ignored by conservatives with a comfortable majority, the latter was not accepted.

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