March 31, 2023


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“Beyond official discourse, Beijing’s neutrality is only one facet,” says expert on Chinese rule

Is China’s position changing in the war between Q and Moscow? That’s what it says The New York Times (Paid means, in English) Sunday, March 13th. Russia has asked Beijing to provide military equipment and economic assistance to help overcome international sanctions, according to an American newspaper quoting anonymous officials. An indictment was cleared by the Asian giant. “Lately, the US has been spreading false news against China.”A Chinese diplomatic spokesman responded to reporters.

Mark Julien, head of Chinese operations at the East Asia CenterFrench Institute for International Relations (Ifri), highlights Beijing’s role in this war.

franceinfo: What has been China’s historical ally of Russia since the start of the war in Ukraine?

Mark Julian: Since February 24, China has maintained an official neutral position on the armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine. But when we analyze beyond official speech, we realize that this neutrality is only a facet. Beijing claims to respect the sovereignty of all states and the charter of the United Nations, but took Vladimir Putin’s word for word. “Special Military Operation”, By refusing to use the term invasion and by refraining from claiming any responsibility for the conflict to one or the other of the fighters. She agrees too “Legal Security Concerns” Of Russia. The most common formula is to imply that Moscow is also under threat in Ukraine.

“Chinese rhetoric is so subtle that everything is at its peak. The goal is to be neutral while defending Russia’s interests. China calls the debate peace talks, but at no time does it take steps to establish itself as a mediator.”

Mark Julian

at franceinfo

Why does China indirectly support Russia in this war?

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This is for political reasons above all else. Organ opposition to Western liberal democracies: The two countries are basically in agreement on one thing. This is in opposition to the new alliance of Aukus (Australia, United Kingdom, United States) with the United States and NATO, especially with regard to China.

For its part, Russia is confronting this Western front because NATO accuses Ukraine of wanting to expand, which is false. It is precisely at this point that China and Russia have friendly interests, which is why Beijing implicitly supports Moscow. This is an implicit support for the discourse and is economically very explicit. China has provided financial assistance to Russia since the beginning of the conflict. Through financial means within Yuan The Russian economy is excluded from the Swift system, but also by increasing imports of oil and gas, or even imports of agricultural products such as wheat.

Finally, since the beginning of the crisis, Beijing has been keeping a close eye on what is happening in Ukraine with Taiwan in mind. China, by its terms, has the most obvious options for an “integration”. Some lessons can be learned from the current war.

Do you think China can be more involved in the conflict?

If it supports Russia too openly, it could target itself with sanctions with strong repercussions on its economy. The ideological choice would then contradict the practical interests of EMiddle Empire.

“Between the US anti – restructuring and the defense of the Chinese economy, China will choose to defend its economy, which has been in recession since the health crisis linked to Govt-19.”

Mark Julian

at franceinfo

The country is in a very important year. The 20th Congress of the Communist Party of China will be held in October 2022. President Xi Jinping should be re-appointed for a third term, which was unprecedented after the death of Mao Zedong (1976). So we are in a politically very sensitive period where it is absolutely necessary to maintain the economy in order for the President to remain in power. China has been providing military equipment as it tries to present itself as neutral A The fighter will represent a complete face.

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