July 2, 2022


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Best places to live in the US in 2022-2023: Coronation of a new city

Best places to live in the US in 2022-2023: Coronation of a new city

Americans change their priorities when it comes to where they want to connect in the sky Residence Prices, and that revelation played a role in a southern city dethroning the Rocky Mountain destination as the best place in the country to live, according to a new report.

Huntsville, Alabama, USA Park and downtown cityscape at twilight. (iStock / iStock)

Huntsville, AlabamaRanked #1 in US News & World Report’s annual Best Places to Live 2022-2023 listditched Boulder, Colorado, which has worn the crown for the past two years but now ranks fourth in the ranking of the 150 largest metropolitan areas in the country.


The analysis determined that Huntsville’s high score for housing affordability and quality of life drove it to the fore, although it came in at the lower end of the field in terms of desirability. Part of what led to the city’s top ranking is its high score on the Air Quality Index, which US News added as a factor for the first time this year.

Colorado Springs

Aerial view of Colorado Springs in autumn colors (istock)

else Colorado Colorado Springs ranked second on the list, followed by Green Bay, Wisconsin, which jumped 18 places to third due to its affordability. San Jose, California, came in at number five, jumping 31 places from last year’s rankings, due to its higher quality of life score.

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Home affordability will remain an issue, market experts forecast

“A lot of the changes we’re seeing at the top of the rankings this year are a result of changing preferences,” said Devon Thorsby. Real estate Editor at US News. “People moving across the country today are placing more emphasis on affordability and quality of life than on the job market, which is taking a back seat in many ways as telecommuting options become more standard.”

Raleigh, North Carolina

Downtown Raleigh, North Carolina, USA Drone skyline skyline. (iStock / iStock)

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Among the top ten, Raleigh and Durham, North Carolina, ranked sixth this year, followed by Fayetteville, Arkansas, in seventh; Portland, Maine, No. 8; Sarasota, Florida, No. 9; and San Francisco, California, at No. 10.