May 26, 2022


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Becky Lynch praises Big E. Open discussions about mental health

Becky Lynch praises Big E.  Open discussions about mental health

Welcome to WrestleMania Saturday everyone! The most amazing two-night event in WrestleMania history kicks off tonight at AT&T Stadium in Dallas, Texas. As of this writing, there is still some confusion as to what the real main event of the evening will be. WWE was throwing the words “Main Event” like they’re hosting a special opera and everyone gets one, but there’s one match in particular tonight that many fans said (via social media) they Main Event – Becky Lynch vs. Bianca Belair for the RAW Women’s Championship.

“The main event for the people! Even if people don’t like me anymore. I’ll tell you what your main event is – it’s me! “

Becky Lynch came under fire during the media tours this week, cementing her massive title defense. Whether that’s what she said to me there during WrestleMania Media Junket, or what she said Ariel Halawani In a one-on-one sitting, Big Time Becks seems very adamant that it doesn’t matter when she and Bianca fight. Even if that means the SmackDown Women’s Championship match between Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey shuts down the show.

“It makes no difference. They can continue later. Again, I don’t think they’re the main event. Look, my occasion would steal the show, the match would be better, my story was better, everything I did was better, that’s not even a question.”

“Even if they finally go, I don’t care, my stuff is better, my stuff is the real main event.”

“I think in terms of the story, the only two women to win the main event at WrestleMania are the WrestleMania main event, and finally, I think that would be the perfect story. The Main Losers at a WrestleMania event? Two of the main losers at the WrestleMania main event?”

“It feels like a symbolic gesture that they’re finally going to continue because of the name Rhonda. I don’t think anyone thinks their story is better and that they deserve it.” (h\t WON \ F4W) “

While there are still a number of strongholds who can’t let go of the past and cling tightly to the days when “The Guy” came from town to town, it’s undeniable that both the character and the interior work Becky Lynch has been delivering since her return to SummerSlam last year, and hasn’t been less of being amazing.

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In the past few weeks alone, Lynch has been on a downward spiral as she feels incredibly talented and hungry Bianca Belair breathing through her neck. She’s on the verge of a mental breakdown and very likely going to explode if the EST of WWE becomes the first woman in three years to defeat her for the RAW Women’s Championship.

“I don’t even know what I would do with my confused hands if I walked in, if I didn’t have a title,” Lynch said during the WrestleMania Media Tour. “I can’t think of losing this. I can’t think of it. I don “t think so. I don’t like where I’m going, if I have to think about losing my title. That’s all I knew. That’s all I’ve known for the past three years.”

Apparently a lot of what Big Time Becks said this week was personal. Media like the one I participated in on Friday is the perfect opportunity for Lynch to have some fun and sharpen her quick wits and quick banter. Unless you are completely blind like I did.

Becky Lynch has been someone I’ve wanted to talk to for the better part of four years now. I never write a story about myself, but in this case I needed to thank her. Back in 2018, I was mentally and professionally at a low point. I have just been battered by a series of professional failures and have established myself with the fact that I will never go to the places I envisioned.

The best part of that summer I was thinking about a career change, after spending eight years trying to pick up a career as a broadcaster. Needless to say, my confidence, which I still struggle with on a daily basis, was at an all-time low.

As a longtime WWE fan, I’ve often turned to professional wrestling for my escape. And the younger Rick Ochino was (and still is) a big fan of Becky Lynch. Yes, I’ll admit I was one of those annoying Twitter fans in 2018, and I’m screaming for WWE to properly book someone we all know is so talented. By the way, we were right, but I could. WWE finally got up about SummerSlam that year and Lynch took off like a rocket. She has climbed to heights that no woman in WWE history has reached before her, with millions of fans joining her on this journey.

Understandably, Lynch did a lot of media at the time and it was at that time that I really started getting interested. Because when she was talking about her early days in WWE, she was candidly talking about self-doubt. Her lack of confidence. Feeling apologetic for being the SmackDown Women’s Champion. I kept wondering, what did she not see in herself, and what did she see? That saw a lot? Then I started thinking, what am I not seeing in myself?

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To make the long story short (in hindsight), suddenly a spark appeared that I hadn’t felt in a long time. Something was telling me to try it again. So you send an email. This email was the first domino falls in the three year journey that led me here. The past few years have been the best of my career. I’ve had the opportunity to do some amazingly great things, meet some amazing people and interview a number of people that I love. Including now, Big Time Becky Lynch. I told her all this, and suddenly I couldn’t talk to Becky Lynch anymore. I was talking with Rebecca Quinn.

I’m not the first person to tell her a story like this. She has inspired a lot of her fans all over the world and continues to do so daily.

“That means the world. And so I think that’s the thing where we forget how universal those doubts are. And how much can overcompensation for confidence, just for insecurity, you know? And so we don’t realize that the biggest stars you see on your TV are self-doubting and worrying.” That their stuff wasn’t good enough. That they weren’t good enough. It’s old news, and it was.

It is an ongoing battle. Especially when you are bombed and we are constantly exposed to a lot of negativity and doubts. You have to find a way to filter it down. And my way of doing it is to say, “Oh, they won. They won. If they made me doubt myself, they would win and they wouldn’t be able to win, because I’m a winner. But yeah, it’s just a universal thing.”

Quinn then went on to praise her good friend Big E, who recently suffered a broken neck on an episode of Friday Night SmackDown and has been nothing short of a positive beacon since.

“It’s nice to get to a point where we talk a lot about mental health, because I think a lot of people are fighting with it, but it’s not something you can see. So, I like people talking about it and anything people can draw from… Big E for example example, he was such a champ recently. I mean, you meet Big E and he is a bundle of love. You can’t say a bad word about him. One of the most talented people I’ve met in my life, he’s loved all over the world and he’s someone who also dealt with insecurities, with Doubt. But he talks about it. Oh man, what a hero he is and just shows you what is possible and how great you can be when you deal with this stuff. Although I don’t think Big E was ever anything other than just cheating the best “.

On behalf of all those who take inspiration from both Becky Lynch and Big E, and strive to be better versions of themselves because of them, allow me to thank both of you.

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You can check out my full interview with Becky Lynch and Rebecca Quin for Bleav in Pro Wrestling Podcast In the video above, also feel free to check out some of my other talks from the weekend below.

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