June 9, 2023


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‘Avatar 2’ to beat ‘Last Jedi’ on US All-Time List – Deadline

'Avatar 2' to beat 'Last Jedi' on US All-Time List - Deadline

Sunday morning written After the Saturday morning update: Comes out this weekend, by the middle of the week, Disney/20th Century Studios/Lightstorm’s Avatar: Water Road You will easily overtake The Avengers as the 10th highest-grossing film of all time in the US/Canada with $623.3 million. The pic was done directed by James Cameron $15.7 million at the streak for its seventh consecutive #1 weekend. Avatar 2The seven-weekend race in first place ties back to the original symbol picture and the multi-Oscar-winning Henry Fonda-Katharine Hepburn film On the golden pond.

by the end of the day Avatar 2 in 620.58 million dollars Flies past Star Wars: The Last JediIt earned $620.1 million domestically as the 11th-highest-grossing US/Canada film of all time. Taking all over the world now from 2.116 billion dollarsAnd Avatar 2 It is the fourth highest-grossing worldwide release of all time The Force Awakens $2.07 billion, making Cameron the 3rd of the 4 best movies of all time: symbol picture No. 1 ($2.9 billion), Titanic No. 3 ($2.19 billion) and water method No. 4. Avengers: Endgame It is No. 2 worldwide with $2.799 billion.

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Of all the Best Pictures nominated for an Oscar this year, it’s been nominated 4x Avatar 2 is really the only movie expected to make money heading into Oscar night March 12 (however, A24’s 11- Nominated for an Academy Award Everything everywhere at once Survey Million dollars out this weekend in re-release – and available to watch on Showtime). All Avatar 2The money here is not technically from best picture momentum, but rather a massive force in the market. Avatar 2 He still has all his emacs and a good portion of plf. I heard they are ceding their Dolby monitors to Universal Ring in the cabin Next weekend, hopefully this movie will provide a small boost to the sleepy winter box office with a starting $17 million to $20 million. 2023 domestic box office picks up speed starting Presidents’ Day weekend, with $120M 4-day start Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.

With no major theatrical releases in the studios this weekend, all films are looking at around $71.2 million, which is an impressive +103% increase from last year, when the market was capped by Omicron, with all films grossing $35 million. dollar.

Among those distributors and images that take advantage of a framework that doesn’t have any major new studio titles:

yash raj indian spy pic Pathan Who siddharth anand is looking to open up to $5.95 million in 695 locations in 162 markets. The movie launched in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu on Wednesday and should be a hit $8.5 million By EOD today. The movie saw very strong numbers in Toronto, New York, Chicago, Dallas, Vancouver, San Francisco and Seattle. The film follows an Indian spy who takes on the leader of a group of mercenaries, who have nefarious plans to target his homeland.

Fathom’ events Left Behind: The Rise of the Antichrist From Kevin Sorbo Lucrative $2.97 million in 1,362 theaters. The film played as a faith-based belt in the South and Midwest, with eight of its ten best runs coming. It was the only Burbank theater in Los Angeles to make the list. Logline: The only light after the world has fallen into chaos is a charming new leader who rises to the head of the United Nations. But does it bring hope for a better future? Or is it the end of the world?

Brandon Cronenberg's infinity pool.

Brandon Cronenberg infinity pool.


Premiere of NEON/Topic Studio’s Sundance Midnight infinity pool From Brandon Cronenberg he settled on a $2.72 million Opening in 1,835 theaters. While the director’s version at Sundance was NC-17 with scenes of orgy, breastfeeding, and plenty of scenes to blush, the theatrical cut is R. That $3 million debut is better than Papa David Cronenberg’s $1.1 million opening last summer. for its premiere at the Cannes Festival. future crimes Also from NEON, which is better than that $2.4 million domestic picture.

Despite a recent score of 88% among critics, Alexander Skarsgard, Mia Goth and Cleopatra Coleman’s film has a C- Cinemascore with audiences and a 52% among audiences with Comscore/Screen Engine PostTrak, who recommend it at 28%. Mostly men here with 60% and 67% between 18 and 34 years old. Miscellaneous demos were 57% Caucasian, 24% Latino and Hispanic, 11% Asian/Other, and 8% Black. The film has done its thing on the coasts, where nine of the top ten theaters are located. Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar in Austin was ranked No. 7. Ticket sales have plummeted, I was told, as I dug deeper into the top markets in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, and Philly.

WellGoUSA version of the Chinese sequel Wandering Earth II In 61 markets it had strong numbers in New York City, Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco, Toronto and Vancouver with $1.3 million. The film grossed nearly $70 million in its Lunar New Year opening this past weekend. The film earned over $352 million in China in its first week. Wonderful.

Billie Eilish Live at The O2 is coming to theaters.

Billie Eilish performs on stage during her ‘Happier Than Ever’ world tour, at The O2 Arena on June 10, 2022 in London, England.


Trafalgar’s release from Billie Eilish: Live at 02 It is about the same amount with $1.29 million – $1.3 million In 600 locations in 143 markets in just one night. The film was presented both inside and outside major cities.

The graph is updated with numbers Sunday…

  1. Avatar 2 (Dis)3600 (-190) Friday Theaters $3.57M (-24%), 3 days $15.7 million (-22%) Total $620.5 million/ week

2. puss in boots 2 (University) 3,452 (-159) Theaters Friday $2.4 (-13%), Saturday $4.99M, Sunday $3.19M, 3 days $10.6 million (-10%) Total $140.8 million/ week 6

Running away in boots: last wish. © Universal Pictures / Courtesy Everett Collection

The Dreamworks sequel is now $8.46 million, beating out the 2011 original Puss in Boots The film, which ended its domestic run at $149.2 million. During the sixth weekend, puss in boots 2 formally advanced singing 2 In the same time period increased by 4.8%. singing 2 It finished its domestic run at $162.7 million.

3.) A man called Otto (Sony) 3,957 (+155) theaters, Friday $1.95M, Saturday $3.1M, Sunday $1.6M, 3 days $6.75 million (-23%) Total $46 millionweek 5

4.) M3GAN (Uni/Blum) 3,416 (-212) Theaters, Fri $1.64M (-38%), Sat $3.05M, Sun $1.68M, 3 days $6.37 million (-34%) Gross $82.2M/W4

5.) Pathan (Yash) 694 theaters, Friday $1.858 million, Saturday $2.86 million Sunday $1.2 million 3 days $5.95 million$8.5 million gross / 1 week

6.) Missing (Sony) 3,025 theaters Friday $1.55M (-54%) Saturday $2.7M Sunday $1.4M 3D 5.675 million dollars (-38%), gross $17.5 million/week 2

7.) airplane (LG) Fri $1.06M (-32%) Sat $1.88M Sun $873K 3 days $3.8 million (-28%) Total 25.3 million dollars /week 3

8.) Leaving Behind: Rising…(Opening) 1,362 theaters, Friday $1.3M, Saturday $948K, Sunday $712K, 3 days $2.97 million/ 1 week

9.) infinity pool (Neon) 1,835 theaters Friday $1.1M Saturday $910K Sunday $685K 3 days $2.72 million/ 1 week

10.) Wandering Earth II (OK) 142 theaters, Friday $372K, Saturday $625K Sunday $358K for 3 days 1.355 million dollars /sum 3 million dollars (with previews) 1 week

11.) Billie Eilish (Traf) 596 Fri. $1.29M, 1D $1.29 million/ 1 week

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