June 8, 2023


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At the Vatican, the abortion between Joe Biden and Pope Francis is overshadowed

The Sovereign Pope on Friday welcomed the US President who was condemned by the bishops of the United States.

Is there a difference of opinion between Pope Francis and President Joe Biden on pro-abortion policy? John F. Kennedy, the second Catholic president of the United States. After Kennedy, This Thursday, October 29, is expected at the Vatican For an official visit to the G20 summit in Rome.

The meeting comes amid tensions between the US president and bishops in the United States, who will meet in Baltimore from November 15 to 18. They will meet from November 15 to 18 to prepare a document on the policy they voted for last June. The text should remind us that when a Catholic politician supports a policy in favor of abortion, it is impossible to achieve charitable unity.

An object spoken of in personal ability

However, Joe Biden goes to the mask every Sunday. He personally opposed abortion, breaking the Hyde Amendment, which had been in effect since 1945, on May 28, 2021, which prohibited any federal funding for abortion. In the 2022 U.S. budget, funding will be protected by the federal government

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