August 18, 2022


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At the last stage, a questionable process

With 357 British Conservative MPs deciding, 10 candidates will be chosen to replace Boris Johnson. between the two finalists Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss : By postal vote they must do so throughout August. Who are these people who represent a mere 0.35% of the British electorate, whose decision affects the fate of an entire country?

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Donors, municipal councillors, activists… According to a study by Queen Mary University of London, party members are 70% male, rather older (in their fifties on average) and do not represent the country’s ethnic diversity. “They are more radical and right-wing than the average Conservative voter – because they are committed activists, willing to donate money to the party.”Chris Curtis of the polling firm Opinium Research underlines.

For example, they are more concerned about immigration than climate change, Because 90% of them will be dead by 2050 [date à laquelle le gouvernement britannique s’est engagé à parvenir à la neutralité carbone] », A few days ago Conservative MP Chris Skidmore agreed, citing a Youkov poll showing that only 4% of Conservative Party members consider a national climate change strategy to be one of their top three priorities.

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Bidding of candidates

“They are particularly radical on economic issues, more in favor of tax cuts and more against public spending, and it is on this theme that they differ most from Tory voters.”, adds Chris Curtis. This is why the candidates – with the exception of Boris Johnson’s former chancellor of the exchequer Rishi Sunak – broke promises of tax cuts and were often seen as unrealistic given the state of the country. especially hospital, and increase inflation).

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On the other hand, party members will not have a preference for gender – the Conservative Party has already given the country two prime ministers (Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May) – or the ethnic origin of candidates – Mr. Sunak is of Indian origin. “They’re Ready to Vote for a Woman of Color”Observes Michael Gove, a former minister in the Johnson government who supported the candidacy of Kemi Patenock, a Briton of Nigerian descent (he was sacked on Tuesday 19 July).

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