June 5, 2023


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At the heart of the Chinese repressive machine

By Nathalie Guibert

Posted today at 06:04

“If students do not listen to instructions, armed police can fire warning shots. If students do not succumb to the stumbling block and they continue to escalate tension, they will be killed if they try to escape or seize the agents’ weapons. ⁇ So a discipline goes “Professional Development Center” Dedicated to the Muslim minority in Shufu “Uyghur Autonomous Region” From Xinjiang, China.

Dated 2018, this “Instruction to remove any obstacles and try to escape during the lesson” Extracted from the collection of about 100,000 police documents, a large part of which is dedicated to it. “Educational Change” (Jiayu Juanhua) Uyghurs – This is their mass imprisonment for the purpose of “re-education” in the sense of the Communist Party of China (CCP).

Satellite photo of January 15, 2022 (Maxar).  New Shufu District Vocational Education and Training Center.  Know the latest extensions.

Released on May 24, these “Xinjiang Police Files” It was provided by a source who asked for nothing in return for the German anthropologist Adrian Jens, and was checked out of China by a team of fourteen international media outlets. They are bringing a decisive new light to the repression organized by Beijing in the region, following several series of revelations since 2019 by the same researcher and voluntary organizations.

Documents – several thousand computer files from 2000 to 2018, 452 records containing more than 20,000 names of arrested Uyghurs, numerous instructions, descriptions and police work reports – extracted from the computers of the two districts Public Security Bureau (BSP), Konashehr. – Mandarin Shufu -, in the province of Kashgar, and in the province of Ili, Tex. Often written in more bureaucratic and concise language, the documents describe from the inside, the so-called new weapon and compulsory system. “Vocational Training”, As well as sending police forces to the ground. The purpose of the firm implementation of the security mechanism “Stabilize” Xinjiang, CCP says, is a threat “Separatists” Muslims.

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“Konashehr’s internal files contain the personal information of 286,000 residents of the district, indicating that 12.1% to 12.5% ​​of ethnic minority adults in 2018 were in some form of detention, re-education, detention or imprisonment.Mr. Establishing Jens, Publisher of his research Journal of the European Union for Chinese Studies. Konashehar’s new “Vocational Training Center” (CFP) then held 8,000 people – it provided all the personal data. This substantial rate of detention is higher than that of Stalinism. And “This is 64 times higher than China’s national prison sentence rate.” Adrian Jens writes that Leander von Comec’s prison data for Asia is listed in 2021.

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