June 8, 2023


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At least 20 people were killed in an attack on a Gendermary unit

At least 19 GENDERMS Also this Sunday a civilian was killed during an attack by suspected jihadists against the Gendermary sect.
D’Inada, In the north
Burkina Faso, The military and the government announced. This Sunday at around 5:30 am (GMT and local), Inada’s Gendermary Division (…) was subjected to a terrorist attack, ”military personnel said in a statement. On National Radio, Defense Minister Maxim Gone said, “It is estimated that 20 people, including a civilian, have died.

“Operations are still ongoing and the search for survivors and attackers continued this Sunday evening, especially in this” large area, “he added. According to a security source, the attack in the province of Soum (Sahel) was carried out by “a large number of armed men” circling “in several pick-ups and motorcycles”. He spoke of a “long shootout” between attackers and genders.

Conflicts for six years

The attack is one of the deadliest attacks on Burkina Faso security and security forces since it confronted Burkina Faso jihadi operations that began in the country six years ago. Another attack took place in Kelbo, another commune in Soum province, on Sunday morning, Communications Minister and government spokesman Ousséni Tamboura said.

“Fortunately, the attack was thwarted by the army and aided by volunteers for the defense of the motherland” (VDP), civilian aides involved in the anti-jihadi struggle with the security and security forces, “the victims were not blamed,” he said. . A local elected official spoke about the helicopter overflight in the “since this morning” area, confirming that the day before “two civilians, especially women, were killed by an explosive device in Som province.”

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Already attacked on Friday

Seven police officers were killed and five others were injured in an attack on Alcoma in the neighboring province of Ceno in northeastern Burkina Faso on Friday, according to police general guidelines. Burkina Faso has been facing regular and deadly jihadi attacks since 2015, especially in the northern and eastern regions, in the so-called “three borders”, on the borders of Mali and Niger, where both countries are facing the activities of armed jihadists. .

The violence, sometimes mixed with inter-ethnic clashes, has killed about 2,000 people and forced 1.4 million people to flee their homes. On Tuesday, the Burkina Faso opposition party called for “immediate action” in the wake of the “escalation of the security situation” in the wake of the jihadist attacks, and threatened to take to the streets demanding the “immediate resignation of the head of state.” President Gabor placed the fight against “terrorism” at the center of the campaign for re-election for a second five-year term at the end of 2020.