June 5, 2023


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Asus announces the world’s first 500Hz Nvidia G-Sync gaming monitor

Asus announces the world's first 500Hz Nvidia G-Sync gaming monitor

Nvidia and Asus are announcing the world’s first 500Hz G-Sync display at Computex 2022 today. While we saw a file Typical 500Hz gaming monitor Earlier this year, Asus was promising a 24-inch 500Hz TN panel designed for esports titles that run at 1080p. Asus has yet to announce pricing or a release date for the new ROG Swift 500Hz monitor.

This announcement comes just over two years ago since Nvidia and Asus teamed up with Introducing 360Hz gaming monitors For esports at CES 2020. PC gamers usually buy 144Hz gaming monitors, and even 240Hz panels are still not particularly common. So 500Hz may seem like overkill, but Nvidia claims it will make the difference for competitive gamers who want the best of the best.

Nvidia used the awesome Phantom VEO 640S action camera to prove its point. This camera comes with 72 GB of RAM to allow it to record brave Play at up to 1000 frames per second. Nvidia claims that this new 500Hz screen will make subject tracking easier thanks to smoother animations, and reducing ghosting should reduce distractions during gaming. The real key with any high refresh rate monitor is reduced latency, and Nvidia claims you’ll be able to see gamers come out of the hood faster than anyone using a 240Hz or 144Hz monitor.

Naturally, you will also need a powerful gaming PC and a GPU to power the 500Hz display. Rumors suggest that Nvidia will release a Next Generation RTX 4090 Card This summer, which will be a perfect companion for the 500Hz panel. Asus’ ROG Swift 500Hz display has 1080p resolution, which means games like CS: GOAnd braveAnd Note and watch You should be able to reach the frame rates required to really take advantage of the 500Hz panel with the high-end GPU.

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Asus’ new 500Hz display uses a new TN panel for esports.
Photo: Nvidia

The ROG Swift 500Hz also includes Nvidia’s Reflex Analyzer to measure system latency, and a G-Sync esports mode with adjustable vibrance mode that “allows more light to pass through the LCD crystals,” according to Asus. This board also uses new esports TN (E-TN) technology, which Asus claims offers “60 percent better response times than standard TN panels.”

If 500 Hz still seems overkill, Nvidia also announced new G-Sync monitors earlier this year. Allows you to choose between 1440p and 1080p modes. 27-inch esports monitors have refresh rates up to 360Hz and a special 25-inch 1080p mode.