October 5, 2022


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An Italian fake gynecologist is suspected of trapping 400 women with a webcam

Bari (South) police said Friday a search was conducted at the home of an Italian man suspected of posing as a gynecologist to force dozens of women to have a vaginal exam via video link. The operation led to the seizure of several phones and memory cards in the home of a forty-year-old, which was wired following complaints from several victims. According to the police report, the person is suspected to have been in contact with women who were swept up in the clinic.

He then persuaded them to do an online vaginal exam.“, Refers to the report, adds more than that”400 women across ItalyAre targeted. “He introduced himself as a doctor. He knew my date and place of birth and asked if I had had a hip exam a few months agoபாதிக்கப்பட்ட, a victim witness quoted in the daily newspaper La Repubblica. “He asked more and more personal questions […] Then requested a video call via zoom or hangout (and) asked me to show my personal parts to confirm the diagnosis, She explained.

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