December 3, 2022


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An explorer’s cameras were found on a glacier after 85 years

Famous American explorer and photographer Bradford Washburn’s cameras and equipment have been discovered in 1937 after being abandoned on a glacier in the Yukon Territory, bordering Alaska, USA.

Last spring, athletesHe embarked on a mission like no other: to discover an incredible history“A team with a company specializing in producing videos dedicated to extreme sports, Teton Gravity Research, traveled to Kluan Park, Yukon, with the aim of finding the hidden location of the cameras and equipment,” Parks Canada said in a Facebook message.

Photos of these mountains from 85 years agoยป

A mountaineer, photographer and cartographer, Bradford Washburn was also the director of the Boston Museum of Science (Massachusetts), which he founded. He died in 2007.Buried in the snow since 1937, the hideout contains three historical cameras with photos of what the mountains looked like 85 years ago.“, explained Teton Gravity Research on Facebook. In 1937, Bradford Washburn, along with three other climbers, attempted to climb Canada’s third highest peak, Lucania (5,226 meters), the highest peak ever climbed in North America. Faced with extreme conditions, Bradford Washburn and another American climber, Robert Bates, , were forced to reduce their equipment to the bare minimum, abandoning the cameras and climbing equipment that had become treasures decades later.

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