October 2, 2022


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Amazon introduces new Fire tablets starting at $99

Amazon introduces new Fire tablets starting at $99

Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet.


Amazon Today, Wednesday, it announced its latest Fire 8 tablets. The four new models include the Fire HD 8 at $99, the Fire HD 8 Plus at $120, and the Fire HD 8 Kids and Fire HD 8 Kids for $150.

Fire tablets are a cheaper alternative to An apple IPAD. Unlike Apple, which relies on hardware for the bulk of its revenue, Amazon devices serve as a gateway to the company’s ecosystem of services such as the Alexa voice assistant, music, books, and apps.

All four tablets will be available for pre-order on Wednesday and will begin shipping next month. The new generation of Fire 8 tablets is thinner, lighter, and faster than previous versions, according to Amazon.

Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet in pink.


The $100 Fire HD 8 is 30% faster than its predecessor. The battery life is 13 hours, which is an hour longer than the previous device. It has USB-C charging and, like the previous version, will be fully charged after five hours.

Amazon also says the HD 8 is twice as powerful as the iPad Mini in drop tests.

Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet PC.


The Fire HD Plus goes up by $30. It charges fully after three hours and has a faster processor than the base model. Plus also supports wireless charging and has a clearer camera.

The $150 Fire HD Kids and Kids Pro comes with a one-year subscription to Amazon Kids+, which includes content like books, apps, and games. For an extra $10, Amazon will sell too Disney Mickey and Princess cases.

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In addition to revealing the new devices, Amazon said it will make the Tap to Alexa feature available on Fire tablets. This allows customers to use Alexa via touch instead of voice, which helps improve access for people with speech and mobility challenges.

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