December 3, 2022


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After the first official case of Govt-19 was announced, Kim Jong-un called for control

North Korea is very proud to have officially escaped from Govt-19 so far. But the first case of infection since the outbreak was reported on Thursday 12 May by KCNA, the official state agency in the country. “Serious National Emergency”.

The first case was reported in Pyongyang on Sunday. “Matches” For the most pervasive Omicron variant, the company said.

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North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has called for a maximum of preventive measures against Govt-19 at a crisis meeting of the ruling party’s political bureau.“Serious emergency”.

“The goal is to remove the root as soon as possible”Said the head of the company quoted. “He assured us because of the strong political sentiment of the people (…), We will definitely deal with the emergency and succeed in the emergency isolation program. ”The news agency said.

Strict restrictions

Kim Jong-un, who said emergency medical supplies would be mobilized, called for tougher border control and control measures. II “All cities and districts in the country must carefully control their territories and organize labor and production after isolating each work unit, each production unit and each household unit.”In order to prevent the spread “Malicious virus”KCNA

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The World Health Organization (WHO) says North Korea, with a population of about 26 million, conducted 13,259 Kovit-19 tests in 2020, all of which were negative. The first case of Govt-19 in North Korea was suspected in July 2020 – A fugitive who passed through South Korea before returning to the North – Unconfirmed.

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Many foreign experts doubt the veracity of official figures. But South Korean officials say North Korea could have avoided a major outbreak if it had imposed tougher virus controls from the start of the outbreak, such as isolating those with symptoms similar to Kovit-19.

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Pyongyang has almost stopped cross-border traffic and trade for two years, and has reportedly ordered troops to shoot if they see any intruders crossing its borders.

Pyongyang rejects Kovacs vaccination plan

In January, rail freight traffic between China’s border town of Xinhua and Tantong was partially reopened, but Beijing announced in April that it would suspend trade as the country faces the spread of Kovit-19 in Tantong.

North Korea is one of the last countries in the world not to have an officially recognized virus case. Turkmenistan, an equally closed and dictatorial country in Central Asia, has not reported any cases to the WHO, although its claim is widely suspected by experts.

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Pyongyang has so far avoided vaccinations provided by the United Nations (UN) backed by the Kovacs distribution program, which imposes international surveillance measures.

Observers say the country’s poor health system may have struggled to cope with a major explosion, along with other problems, such as worsening food shortages and an already weakened economy by decades of mismanagement and sanctions in the United States. .

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