October 2, 2022


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After Russia’s “escalation”, the EU wants to impose new sanctions

Cover Image: Protesters were arrested in St. Petersburg on September 21. OLGA MALTSEVA / AFP

  • Ukraine and Russia exchange military prisonersIt was the biggest since the offensive began on February 24. A total of 215 people have been released on the Ukrainian side188 of which “Hero” Defending the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol (including 108 members of the Azov Regiment). Five military commanders, including Azovstal security chiefs, have been transferred to Turkey and will remain there. “In absolute safety and comfort” up to“At the End of the War” Zelensky emphasized. Ten prisoners of war, including five Britons and two Americans, are part of the exchange and are passing through Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile, Russia has freed 55 prisoners, including former MP Viktor Medvetsuk, a close ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who was indicted on treason charges in Ukraine.
  • Vladimir Putin decreed on Wednesday “Partial Mobilization”The measurement is determined “urgent and necessary”. 300,000 bookers Those concerned initially, primarily citizens with military experience, are seniors 65 and older. A sign of concern for many Russians, the sites Airlines have been acquired Mr. After Putin’s speech and an online petition against the mobilization, 230,000 signatures have already been collected. 1,332 people were arrested in the protest against mobilization, according to OVD-Info, an organization that specializes in counting arrests. These are the biggest protests in Russia since February.
  • In a speech to the nation, Mr Putin said he was ready to use it “Everything Means” In his arsenal against the West, he accused him of wanting “destroy” Russia. He accused the West, particularly NATO, of being behind “Nuclear Threat”Dismissal of charges against him. “It’s not a fool’s errand.”He promised. “Nuclear war is impossible to win and should not be waged”Joe Biden responded on the UN stage. The US president attacked Russia head-onaccused of having “Shamelessly violated” United Nations policies since its invasion of Ukraine.
  • Addressing the United Nations Annual General Assembly via video on Wednesday, he said, Volodymyr Zelensky demanded a “Punishment Only” Against Moscow – a word he said fifteen times – strongly condemned the invasion of his country by Russian troops and called for the establishment of a special court to try Moscow. “For his crime of aggression against our state”. He also said that the UN Withdraws veto power from Russia.
  • UK will provide military aid to Ukraine until success The latter against RussiaNew British Prime Minister Liz Truss made the pledge during the UN GA on Wednesday evening.
  • Ukrainian officials accused Moscow of bombing the site of the Zaporizhia power station again on Wednesday. The situation there “Gets worse and worse”IAEA Director General Raffaele Croci warned. “We cannot afford the luxury of waiting for something catastrophic to happen.”, he added. At the end of a UN meeting devoted to nuclear security, several Western countries made a joint statement [rappeler] As long as Russia remains at the Zaporizhia site, the increased risk of a nuclear accident will be fatal.

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