March 21, 2023


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Afghanistan: 3 people who composed music at a wedding were killed

At least three people were shot dead by the Taliban on Saturday for making music at a wedding. Jabihullah Mujahid, a spokesman for the Afghan government, assured that the attackers were not acting on behalf of the Islamic movement. “At Haji Malang Jan’s wedding in Shamspur Mar Kundi village in Nangarhar last night, three people disguised as Taliban entered the ceremony and asked him to stop the music.”, He declared. “As a result of the shooting, at least three people were killed and many more were injured.”, The representative added.

According to the government, some of the culprits in the murder have been arrested. “Two suspects arrested by Taliban, one fugitive still wanted”, Said Jabihullah Mujahid. Occupiers “Those who solve their personal problems in the name of the Islamic Emirate will face Sharia law.”, He promised.

Kasi Mulla Adele, a spokeswoman for the Nangarhar provincial governorate, confirmed the incident without further details.

“The youths were playing music in a separate room. Three Taliban came and opened fire on them. The condition of the two injured is worrying.”, Described a witness to the AFP for his part.

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