March 21, 2023


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According to NATO, Russia continues to concentrate its forces near the borders

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10:43 am : The Kremlin denies any involvement in the cyber attacks that targeted several official military websites and two public banks in Ukraine yesterday. “Cyber ​​attacks have nothing to do with Russia”The Russian president swears in.

10:40 am : “We do not see any weakening of the ground at this stage. On the contrary, Russia seems to be continuing to strengthen its military presence.. “

Despite announcements of a partial withdrawal from Moscow, NATO believes it “Russia can still occupy Ukraine without warning”Because “There are skills”More than 100,000 players have been suspended.

10:43 am : NATO blames Russia “Strengthen its military presence” On the border with Ukraine.

10:11 am : In the event of a Russian-Ukrainian conflict, can we do without Russian gas? “We are safe this winter”European Commission President Ursula van der Leyen said after his services “I studied the hypotheses of a partial or complete shutdown of the Russian gas supply”.

10:05 am : “After maneuvering with Russia, there will be no soldiers and no equipment in Belarus.”

Minsk assures that it does not intend to concentrate Russian troops on its border with Ukraine.

(EYE Press NEWS / AFP)

10:23 : Belarus confirms “Not a Soldier” Russia will remain on its soil only after a joint military exercise scheduled for Sunday.

09:01 : 9am, Let’s see the news:

Sacred Olympic slalom champion, Skier Clement Noel presents the fourth gold medal to the French delegates at the Winter Games in China. With the hope of the 14th stage for the tricolor flags, we now follow the series run for women in biathlon. Follow Our life.

The obligation to wear a mask in business or at school may end “Mid-March”, This was announced by Health Minister Oliver Warren on the day Removing new restrictions Discos, Bars, arenas, Movie theaters and Transportation,

நாள் The day after Moscow announced a “Partial Withdrawal” Troops concentrated on the Ukrainian border, and Russia announced the withdrawal of another part of its forces. “Finished their tactical exercises” On the annexed Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea.

Thanks to Kylian Mbabane’s last minute record, PSG is there Real Madrid won a well-deserved victory against the team (1-0), last night, in the Champions League 16th leg round. Argentina’s Lionel Messi has previously missed a penalty opportunity for Paris Saint-Germain.

08:17 : Why “Unity Day” today? The date was chosen in response to recent US intelligence reports that the Russian invasion could begin on February 16.

08:15 : Meanwhile, Ukraine celebrates “Unity Day”. At the invitation of President Volodymyr Zhelensky, citizens are invited to hang their national flag or display its blue and yellow colors as a sign of patriotism and denial. “Panic” Against threats of invasion.

(EyePress / AFP)

08:18 : New gesture for conciliation from Moscow? Russia has announced the withdrawal of some of its troops from Crimea, which is annexed by the Ukrainian Peninsula. “Finished their tactical exercises”.

08:04 : “I think President Macron’s visit to Moscow marked the end of the expansion.”

In France Inter, the European diplomat called “Be vigilant” Although it was announced that part of the Russian forces near the Ukrainian border would be withdrawn. “Is this the beginning of a reduction? Yes, maybe, we should see. Russia is playing with cold and heat.”

06:55 : When caterpillars re-emerge in French boxes, caterpillars of Russian tanks at the gates of Ukraine make Europe tremble. Some of your journals devote the first page “Withdrawal Part ” Announced by Moscow, welcomed with caution in the western camp.

06:09 : First titles for Wednesday, February 16th here:

நன்றி Thanks to the fall of the fifth wave, the government Removes new restrictions starting today. You can go back to discotheques, dine at bars or go to stadiums, theaters and have a drink. Transportation.

Confirmed by Russian President Vladimir Putin “Partial Withdrawal” Troops concentrated on the Ukrainian border. This “The first encouraging signal”Congratulations to Emmanuel Macron, for the United States, “An invasion is still possible”.

நி Nicholas Bay, spokesman for the Marine Le Pen campaign, has been suspended from his duties at the National Rally. The party accuses him of being Sent confidential information to Eric ZemorA “nasty job” Argued by the accused.

Thanks to Kylian Mbabane’s last minute record, PSG is there Real Madrid won a well-deserved victory against the team (1-0), last night, in the 16th leg round of the Champions League. Argentina’s Lionel Messi has previously missed a penalty opportunity for Paris Saint-Germain.

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