June 8, 2023


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A rape in the skirt and “toilet fight” burns again in the United States

Released Friday, October 29, 2021 at 1:15 p.m.

An American college girl was raped in the toilet of her school in Virginia: According to the victim’s father, if its teacher, a 14-year-old, had not been carried away, this infamous crime would not have left the passage of trivial facts. A skirt on.

The attack, which took place in late May, first triggered a political hurricane in a local district. He then unleashed a storm beyond the borders of this polarized state, where Tuesday’s election will serve as a national measure of Joe Biden’s popularity.

Rape – a juvenile judge who was convicted this week of being convicted – has actually revived a question that has plagued the country for years: Which toilets can transgender people go to?

– Rooted Camps –

In one case involving only a small fraction of Americans in this ideological conflict, two camps oppose: On the one hand, Republican conservatives want to force these people to use toilets that are appropriate for their birth gender.

Progressive Democrats, on the other hand, want to be allowed to go to locker rooms and toilets associated with the gender identity they identify with.

The former uses the so-called sledgehammer argument for the risk of “having a man in the women’s toilet”.

The second, with sub-statistics, is an artificial psychiatric denunciation targeting vulnerable and often vulnerable people.

The rape at Stonebridge High School in Ashburn on May 28 sparked outrage when the college victim’s father, Scott Smith, reported that he had identified himself as the culprit by wearing a skirt that contained “gender fluid,” meaning a consistent sexual identity.

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At the crucial moment, school officials in Loudown, where the Democratic majority has strengthened in recent years, discussed legislation allowing transgender people to choose a nickname or toilet that matches their gender identity. The law was passed in August.

But Mr Smith, angered by the controversy, tried to summon district education officials to a public meeting on June 22. He was found stabbed to the ground by police. The arrested video is spreading virally.

At that session, board chairman Scott Ziegler said he was unaware that a transgender person had been assaulted in the district. “The notion of a predatory (sexual) transgender student is simply an image of the imagination,” he argued.

– “Transgender extremism” –

Words of assurance angered Virginia conservatives and things got tough for Ziegler when residents learned that the rapist had been transferred to another high school and carried out another attack there on October 6th.

The controversy was further exacerbated when Glenn Young, who was involved in the Republican campaign to rule Virginia, realized the good chance of winning back the educated class voters who had distanced themselves from Donald Trump.

The 54-year-old businessman targeted his attacks on “left-wing” school officials in Lawton. This met with a positive echo among millions of conservatives in Virginia and other states, which they call “pro-transgender extremism.”

Mr. Young demanded the reinstatement of the teacher who was fired for refusing to use the policy of changing pronouns, especially for transgender students.

Fearing defeat in Virginia, Democrats and their candidate, Terry McAliffe, are defending themselves as the equivalent of a national mourning.

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They sought the help of Barack Obama, the most popular Democrat, to retain the governorship of the state, which has a population of 8 million.

At a meeting on Saturday, the former president denounced it as “a hypocritical cultural war, a new invention.”

Political science professor Larry Sabado told him “it is very surprising that this local affair has become a major fuel for a campaign at the state level”.

“But Young wanted it,” the expert from the University of Virginia told AFP. “This question is particularly motivating for the Grand Old Party’s voters and may increase their participation.”