June 8, 2023


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A plane makes an emergency landing in Palma de Mallorca, with about 20 people leaving and fleeing to Dormac

The plane, which provided the Casablanca-Istanbul link, made an emergency landing in Spain due to ill health on board. The passenger, who was unwell, was found to be in good health and 21 people fled to Darshala.

Palma de Mallorca police arrested 12 people on Saturday and are searching for 12 more who are looking for 12 people who escaped from a plane that made an emergency landing the previous day at an airport in the Spanish city, officials said. The incredible incident occurred around 7:00 pm on Friday (6:00 pm GMT) when the plane providing the link between Morocco and Turkey had to land due to the inconvenience of a passenger, police said.

12 people have been arrested and 12 are still wanted“The Spanish government’s representative in the Balearic Islands, Aina Calvo, emphasized the event.”Unprecedented. ⁇Such incidents have never happened before at any airport in Spain2, he said in this regard.

According to the police, the passenger at the scene of the incident “He appeared to be in a diabetic coma and was taken to the hospital by ambulance with a companion“But when he came to this company, he was declared in perfect health. The person was arrested.”Assistance in illegal immigration and violation of immigration law», Police further said that the person who came with him fled when he reached the hospital.

The airport was closed until midnight

During its evacuation, 21 passengers got off the plane and fled to Dormack, Aina Calvo said. Police immediately launched a search, resulting in the closure of one of Spain’s busiest airports until midnight. One more person was arrested. “Insults and aggressionAina Calvo said 24 people from Morocco were involved in the incident, except for one person believed to be a Palestinian.

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Investigators are trying to find out. “What happened at the airport was a planned and unplanned event or an isolated incidentShe said again. “At this time, we have no information to confirm whether this is a planned action … or part of a pre-determined plan. But the investigation is ongoing.

According to Aina Calvo, the plane was in Dormak. “For a period of timeBefore passengers decide to leave the plane. “At this point, I can’t say for sure why these 21 people decided to rush down the track.Landing, she noted.

The official said the escapees would be prosecuted for non-compliance with aviation safety rules and for trespassing into Spanish territory and deported to their home country. He added that no one had applied for political asylum.

According to FlightRadar24 usage, Air Arabia Morocco’s Airbus A320 aircraft was flying between Casablanca and Istanbul. As a result of the incident, 13 flights to Palma were diverted to other airports, and 16 departures were significantly delayed, airport officials said.