March 21, 2023


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A more unstable road network appeared with new roadblocks

In addition to the Boucan Bridge in Saint-Rose and the Perrin Roundabout in Les Abymes, new dams have been built in Port-Louis or Basse-Terre.

After several days of silence, the main axes of much of Guadeloupe were re-accessible, with authorities removing several dams in recent days. Except for Perrin Roundabout and the city of Saint-Rose in Les Abyss.
A short period of silence … From Sunday to Monday (December 5 to 6) at night, new dams were set up.

Both Grande-Terre and Basse-Terre made an impact again

Bouliqui, in Sector 102, Abymes, Pelletan, Port-Louis and Rivière des Pères, in Basse-Terre …

At Rivières des Pères Dam, firefighters and Gendermary are on site.

Sally Pandolph, director of the Roots de Guadeloupe, at 7Hears newspaper

Nearly two weeks after the blockade, on November 30, a move by Gendermary allowed motorists to resume fluid traffic in the Rivers des Beres area between Bailiff and Passஸ-Terre. Alexandre Rosatte, Guardian Guardian, “Avoid re-establishing roadblocks“, Prohibited, Next, Meetings of more than 6 persons on the site, until December 3rd.

In addition, the communal road between Routes de Guadeloupe, in Moudong, Jarry, between the Lycée Privé de Bel Air and the Clinique Les Eaux Claires has been announced to be blocked at two points. So it is not possible to enter the slide on this axis.

Obesity has been reported on many of the department’s roads, especially on National Road 1, Viard, Petit-Bourg.

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La Boocan, Hermetic again

If there had been some relaxation, in recent days, protesters on the Boucan Bridge in Saint-Rose would have allowed vehicles to cross, and corpses and other bulky items have resumed this Monday morning.
Yesterday, a meeting took place between the elected officials and the Boukan coalition. Get out of the crisis without any progress or.
Circumstances in which city dwellers have to walk back in or out of Saint-Rose.

© Gessy Blanquet

For some experts, this complicates matters. Boris Damas, an organic-labeled poultry farmer in Saint-Rose, tried to take 300 chickens to a slaughterhouse this morning. He was interrogated by Gessy Blanquet.

© Gessy Blanquet

On the other side of town, towards Desais, another dam in St. Mary is several days old. Therefore, residents of Saint-Rose face two roadblocks on the city’s two exits.

There was no meeting between the elected officials and the “Collective of Struggle Organizations” on Monday

The new meeting scheduled for Monday, December 6 between elected officials and the unions was canceled by local politicians. Jocelyn Sabotil, president of the Guadeloupe Mayors’ Association, explained that the talks did not require preconditions. He was a guest of Gilbert Pinsmail on the 7 o’clock radio news.