June 8, 2023


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A federal judge suspends its application

It was a victory for the progressives, but it was not yet final. A Texas federal judge on Wednesday (Oct. 6) blocked a controversial law banning majority abortions in that state. Of a complaint filed by the administration of President Joe Biden.

“This Court will not allow this shocking loss of this important right to continue one more day.”Judge Robert Pitman wrote in his judgment. Texas can no longer enforce this law, but it can appeal.

U.S. Justice Secretary Merrick Garland spoke in a statement“A Victory for Women in Texas and the Rule of Law”. “We will continue to defend the constitutional rights of all those who undermine them.”

Supported by Republicans, targeted legislation Came into force on the 1stThere is September. It prohibits abortion as soon as the fetal heart rate is detected, i.e. during the first six weeks of pregnancy. However, at this point, most women are unaware that they are pregnant. This law does not make an exception in the event of sexual intercourse or rape, but only in the event of a medical emergency.

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In recent years, comparable laws have been passed by a dozen other conservative states, and they have been suspended in court for violating the law of the United States Supreme Court in this matter. It guarantees the right of women to have an abortion until the 22nd week of pregnancy, when infertility is not possible.

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But Texas text has a unique device: it agrees “Exclusively” It is up to the citizens to ensure that this measure is respected by encouraging women to file complaints against organizations or individuals who help them perform illegal abortions.

According to family planning, “unconstitutional law”

The Supreme Court of the United States, which has a clear majority of Conservative judges, followed suit “New Process Questions” To deny, a month ago, to block the law The right to abortion was demanded by the defenders.

It then entered the federal legal arena, sparking its interest in upholding the constitutional rights of Americans.

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“For more than a month, Texans have lost the opportunity to have an abortion because the unconstitutional law should never come into force.”Alexis McGill Johnson, head of Planned Parenting, a family planning agency, responded in a statement. Reminding it “War is far away”, MMe McGill Johnson was pleased that clinics could resume abortion.

“While the court ruling gives us a sigh of relief, the threat of abortion ban in Texas still hangs over the state.”Announced by Brigitte Amiri of the Civil Rights Organization, ACLU. We already know that the politicians behind this law will not stop anything until abortion is completely banned. “

Supported by Joe Biden

In contrast, a group of anti-abortion activists called Susan B. Anthony List condemned this decision“Unselected Judge” When “The people of Texas want to speak through their representatives and protect children with a beating heart.”.

Democratic President Joe Biden promised in September “Immediate response” Of his government, he ordered to find out “Measures to Ensure Safe and Legal Access to Abortion for Women in Texas”.

Tribune: “The purpose of the laws prohibiting abortion before the threshold of possibility is to question the existing litigation law.”
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Tens of thousands of women last week Protested in the United States To protect the right to abortion. “Wherever you are, this fight is on your doorstep today”, Alexis McGill Johnson started in Washington.

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