December 3, 2022


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A fake blind man was caught driving a car with an aid of 170,000 euros

One Italy The state-funded man for years of low vision was arrested on Wednesday after being caught driving, scooting and window shopping, media reports said.

In total, a resident of Palermo, Sicily, has received at least 0 170,000 in aid since 2008 after being declared “completely blind” by a birth defect.

He is renewing his license

Following this, the financial police of Italy were intensified False disabled According to press reports, Visual has renewed its driver’s license in 2018. He was caught driving while typing on his cell phone at the same time, looking out the window while walking through a busy shopping arcade and teaching his daughter to ride a bicycle. The 40-year-old said he drove the scooter without insurance
Palermo today, Nicknamed “Berlusconi” after the former Italian prime minister involved in court cases.

A suspect in a network that carried out fake traffic accidents to collect insurance has been sentenced in 2020 to 15 years in prison for the first time. This sentence is subject to appeal. Although he owned a garage, the suspect received a “basic income” paid monthly to poor citizens in Italy.

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