December 3, 2022


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A 79-year-old man presents to the emergency department with a beer bottle on his buttocks

Doctors were forced to perform “emergency surgery” to remove this beer bottle.

This is the incredible story this patient told the hospital staff. A 79-year-old Venezuelan man presented to the emergency department with a beer bottle stuck in his buttock. It was put there… three thieves, he says. According to local media, these men got angry and broke into his house and found nothing valuable to steal from him. As a result, these thieves would have decided to introduce a beer bottle into his anus.

Doctors at Marakeh Central Hospital operated to remove the material from his anus. The Dailymail states that the patient is suffering from a diseaseEmergency surgery“, but no other details are given. In some cases, if the introduced foreign bodies are close to the anus, it is possible to remove them by hand. If necessary, the doctor can use a tube between the wall of the rectum. And the stuck object. But, in this case, an operation is necessary to free the patient.

This isn’t the first time men have come to the emergency room with objects in their anus. Last December, a patient went to the emergency room with a World War II artillery shell lodged in his anus. He explained to the medical staff that he tripped over the shell. Police and bomb squad were called to the hospital. A hospital spokesman confirmed that “relevant safety protocols” were followed and there was no risk to staff, patients or visitors.

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