March 21, 2023


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A 7-year-old girl was used by her mother and grandmother to make cocaine

After several months of investigation, the mother and grandmother who used the 7-year-old girl to smuggle cocaine were arrested.

A 7-year-old Italian girl was preparing cocaine levels for an abduction involving her mother and grandmother. The latter was jailed, he told local reporters on Tuesday.

The investigation revealed that the school student often went in his car with his mother on his sales trip and went as a supervisor. She sat in the back and shouted to see the police coming. She was handed over to relatives.

Several months of investigation

His mother and grandmother, who can earn up to 2,000 2,000 a day with this juicy transport, were arrested on Monday along with six others during a hack in the Rome region. They were prosecuted and prosecuted for aggravated drug trafficking, money laundering and child exploitation.

According to City courier, Was alerted to police by the mother’s suspicious behavior during the interrogation. Mom explained that it was the income that came to her bar. The police investigation took several months to shed light on the case.

Anthony Aduro with AFP

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