December 8, 2021


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Volcanic eruption in La Palma: Disaster seen from space, new photos by Thomas Peskett

Astronaut Gumbre Vija has released new images of the erupting volcanic space. Day and night. A spectacular view.

Gumbre Vija Volcano Erupted on September 19th. Because, Palm The archipelago faces the most intense event seen on this island in 100 years Canary Islands (Spain).

Volcanic bombs, Explosions, Earthquake : People continue to live in fear as thousands of homes are evacuated Volcano Joined the sea by two different routes.

“Two Different Faces”

It’s as scary as it gets. And it is of great interest around the world. On September 22, the French astronaut Thomas Baskett “Himself” also posted pictures from the site of the famous volcano on social networks. Cancel Friday, October 8th. This time with two versions Gumbre Vija Volcano. “La Palma shows 2 different faces day and night, between brilliant volcanic flow and dark smoke. This volcano in the Canary Islands is now much talked about.”, The brand new captain of the International Space Station (ISS) writes in the title of his photos taken from space.

ud83c udf0b # Lapalma Day and night show 2 different faces, between the brilliant volcanic flow and the dark smoke zone. This volcano in the Canary Islands is currently much talked about ud83d ude33 # Friday Volcano

– Thomas Baskett (Tom_astro) October 8, 2021

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