December 8, 2021


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Tennis player Peng Shuai reappears at a public event in Beijing

Will this be enough to silence and appease international critics? Chinese star Tennis Peng Shuai took part in a tennis tournament this Sunday
Beijing, According to official photos of the event.

Wearing a navy sports jacket and white sweatshirt, Phila Kids is the player who was released on the official China Open Weibo account, in photos of the Junior Tennis Challenger final. This is the first time he has appeared in public since the allegations against himSexual abuse The Chinese Internet has been extensively censored.

Global scream

The 35-year-old Peng Shuai, a 35-year-old former world No. 1 player in the doubles division and a star in his country, has not been seen publicly since accusing him of forcing himself to have sex during a series of relationships with a 40-year-old former Communist Party official, Zhang Gauli. Lasts for many years.

Following global opposition, including tennis stars United Nations, Chinese state media released a series of shots claiming that everything is fine with the athlete. A video of the event on Sunday was posted on Twitter by Hu Jin, an influential author Global Times, Applause shows Peng standing in the middle of a group of guests whose names are announced to the audience. A journalist Global Times Before taking a photo with the children, Peng tweeted another video showing him signing autographs for children at the same venue.

The Chinese #MeToo movement had never reached the top of the ruling Communist Party before it was announced that it was the cause of the penguin. These were quickly removed from the Weibo platform, and concerns about Jong’s security have been growing ever since. The Chinese government has repeatedly refused to comment. Discussions on tariffs have been blocked on China’s tightly controlled Internet.

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