December 8, 2021


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Russian anti-satellite fire triggers threat of space war

When Moscow launched a missile against one of its old satellites on Monday, November 15, and it did not work, there were questions about Russia’s real motives. Why did she take such a shot risk when there were two astronauts at the International Space Station (ISS) and it was possible that the debris caused by this maneuver would expose them? Is this a pure demonstration of opportunistic power in the context of renewed strategic competition?

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The day after the shooting was confirmed by Russian authorities to welcome it “Success” Their activity and international reaction were unanimous in condemning the move. ” The safety and security of all the actors who seek to explore and use space for peaceful purposes is irresponsibly endangered ”,” he said. In particular, he criticized US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen. This “Irresponsible act”, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said. In Paris, Armed Forces Minister Florence Barley described the Russians. ” Space Destroyers’ Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian condemned “An Instability Act”.

However, according to many observers, the shooting was relatively predictable. “It’s not wrong”, Confirmed in The world Armed Forces Ministry Spokeswoman Herv Grantzine, Tuesday, Nov. 16. “We know that Russia has already made a dozen attempts on this type of fire. So this test is not a strategic surprise for France.” He promised. The U.S., which has an undeniable superiority in space to this day, was said to be the first to blame for the shot on Russia from Monday to Tuesday night, before it was officially confirmed by Moscow.

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Conflict domain just like any other

As for the geopolitical subtext of such a shot, the French sources are very cautious. For example, the current tensions on the Ukrainian border and in Belarus have nothing to do with it. In a domain that is inherently highly secretive, where everything is classified, public analysis is limited to regretting the gesture of opportunity that Russia aims to reveal its spatial capabilities. The analysis was partly confirmed by Moscow, which went so far as to consider Washington’s allegations. “Hypocrites” Considering that the generated garbage is not represented ” No threat ” For “Space function”.

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