December 8, 2021


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Malcolm X’s assassination in 1965: Two released

Delayed rehab is welcome but it raises many questions. In the United States, a New York judge this Thursday, November 18, acquitted two African-American men, one of whom died in 2009, of the felony for murdering black racist activist Malcolm X in 1965, fifty years ago.

Muhammad Aziz, also known as Norman 3X Butler, now 83 years old and appearing before the New York Supreme Court, called the sentencing of Khalil Islam, Thomas 15X Johnson, who died in 2009, a “failure of justice”. Pipen was released after a request was made by New York City Attorney Cyrus Vance and the plaintiff.

Who baked Malcolm X., On February 21, 1965, when he went on stage at the Audio Ballroom in Harlem?

Until now, the official study, often questioned, retained three convicts during the “Nation of Islam” movement and was condemned in 1966 by the US judiciary.

A documentary restarted everything

But as a historic twist on Wednesday, Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance announced his intention to overturn the sentences of Mohammed Aziz and Khalil Islam. A third convict, Mujahid Abdul Halim, pleaded guilty at the time to the shooting of Dolmadge X Hair, Malcolm X, and his two co-defendants were acquitted, but in vain.

Until February 2020, the airing of a documentary (“Who is Malcolm X?”) Aired, renewing suspicions that they were even at the scene of the massacre, and that justice would recapture it. ‘Case.

After a twenty-two month trial, Attorney Vance’s discovery is final. “These men do not have the right to justice they deserve (…). All we can do is recognize this error, the seriousness of this error,” he told The New York Times before Judge Pipin’s conclusion.

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