December 9, 2021


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“Joe Biden has trumpeted the return of US leadership, but the latter has been slow to express itself.”

Chronic. The First European tour Joe Biden had come for a walk in the park. Beginning with the meeting with Pope Francis in Rome on October 29, as part of COP26, after the G20 summit, ending in Glasgow, Scotland, it will be different in Italy.

In June, the Democrats’ tactile and awkward diplomacy produced its consequences. Summarized by a photo of a work of art showing a former businessman after the passing of Donald Trump’s armed policy Stubborn windAlone against everyone taken at the G7 summit in Canada in 2018, everyone wanted to believe the page was turned. The new president of the United States was able to use his good image to refer to China, which has become the first American concern, in a press release from the Atlantic Alliance. A first.

Four months later, Joe Biden wasted a portion of his debt. The hasty unilateral withdrawal from Afghanistan, and then the cavalry administration of a defense deal against Beijing, was brutally priced by France, narrowly weakening Anglo-Saxon as it withdrew a naval deal from a circle. Relationship with friends in America. Has undermined practical discourse. Joe Biden continues to present alliances formed by Washington – and ousted by Donald Trump, who saw only restrictions – as the property of American power.

Discomfort by the unexpected

The expertise promised by the new president, after four years of permanent neurosis, is not up to par with the expected dividend. The Democrats are not the only culprits in this. By continuing to block lengthy confirmation processes for low-level political considerations, Republican Senate officials have disrupted the functioning of the US diplomatic apparatus, preventing key positions from being filled quickly. After Donald Trump broke a compromise in 2018 that made it possible to control Iran’s nuclear program, Washington and its allies were unable to conclude the much-anticipated deal with Tehran quickly, largely due to the instability of Iranian officials.

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This prevents. In two cases, during the Gaza crisis in May, such as the fall of Kabul in August, the new administration was unexpected and unable to change quickly. Joe Biden briefly promised Taiwan’s autonomy on October 21 and briefly broke with tradition. “Strategic ambiguity” From Washington, before a quick change.

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