December 9, 2021


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[En continu] The Federal Council is in the background, regulating regions


On Tuesday, the World Health Organization launched A new alarm About the “capture” of Kovit-19 in Europe, it could cause an additional 700,000 deaths on the continent.

Said Thanja Stadler, chair of the science task force Cases were doubled Currently once every two weeks.

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The Federal Council opposes the tightening of public health measures

A few days before the vote on the Govt Act, the Federal Council did not tighten the noose to reduce the epidemic. The government said on Wednesday that it was up to the regions to act as it faces regional imbalances. He considers the general austerity of control measures to be “inappropriate” despite the situation which is currently considered “critical”. “It’s going to get worse in the coming weeks,” the Federal Council warns. At-risk groups can be affected and this can have repercussions in hospitals.

Hand hygiene, regular ventilation of indoor spaces, social spacing, and screening as soon as symptoms appear are very important. People need to continue to respect them.

Zones regain control

The Federal Council and the regions decided that the latter had control when the situation was different at the regional level. This is the current situation. Most victims are asked to take action. For example they can Extend the obligation to wear a mask, Especially in schools or Compulsory Delivery.

Some zones have already taken drastic measures. The Federal Council calls on those who have not yet done so to set up repeated tests and introduce the obligation to issue a certificate of entry into health institutions such as housing.

Hospital structures also need to be prepared for a new burden. Zones should also promote vaccination. The third dose should be given as soon as possible, especially for those at risk.

The Federal Council wants to prevent the closure of schools or nurseries

The Conference of Directors of Condonal Health (CDS) reminds that these measures will be taken in context and in stages. Winter sports or Christmas markets should not be banned. But security ideas need to be put forward. If the condition worsens, these manifestations may be reduced.

As much as possible, “closing schools or nurseries should be avoided”. Preventive measures should be put forward. Zones have the opportunity to modify the communication path according to the situation and take action at the borders if necessary.

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தேசிய National restrictions on consultation if cantonal activities are ineffective

Last May, the Federal Council decided to take action according to the state of the health system because the vaccine is accessible to people over the age of twelve. It carries risks and is recognized by the government.

It is difficult to completely avoid overloading hospitals while allowing for a higher infection rate. If cantonal actions and the behavior of citizens show no effect, the Federal Council will consult the most drastic measures at the national level.

“We will do everything we can to overcome this winter without new health measures”

As for whether serious measures like Austria or Germany can be negotiated in Switzerland, Alain Berset explains that we are still a long way from that. “We have a way to get through this winter without taking health measures. The goal is to avoid overburdening hospitals and try to do what we can without it. But it is not enough to think of anything else to make this situation disappear,” the federal councilor recalled.

In Schaffhausen, an employee of the Immunization Center in custody for selling false certificates

An employee of Schaffhausen’s cantonal vaccination center may have sold several hundred false certificates of vaccination against Govt-19 to those who have not been vaccinated. Many of those who helped identify the employee and his potential buyers or resold the certificates are in pre-trial custody.

Schaffhausen police said Wednesday that inmates will face criminal charges for falsifying several documents. The man was arrested in October and is said to be his accomplice in November.

Switzerland gestures to facilitate the Kovacs system

Switzerland agrees to postpone the delivery of one million doses of the Moderna vaccine so that the international Kovacs device can distribute them by the end of December. It is the first country to respond to this call from the international community.

In return, the World Vaccine Alliance (GAVI) announced in Geneva on Wednesday that Switzerland would take the place of the Kovacs mechanism, which was launched late next year for equal access to vaccines against the corona virus. The company welcomes “an example” to show how easy it is to improve supply to developing countries without doses.

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Switzerland has also promised to provide four million doses to Kovacs. The first was shipped to Sierra Leone in October. The Federal Council decided at the end of June on this partition, which the WHO had long demanded, after the ban on financial aid.

In Geneva, authorities are concerned about the increase in cases

During the Geneva administration’s weekly press conference, Sergei Dale Pusco, chairman of the State Council, lamented that “the concentration of hospital structures has not been ruled out in the coming weeks.” That is why the zone encourages victims or those over 65 to receive a third dose of the vaccine. The Geneva State Council also announced that it would strengthen police checks on restaurants and other public institutions to ensure compliance with Govt certification procedures, noting a particular relaxation.

While it has already discussed the different scenarios, the Geneva State Council is waiting for the position taken by the federal authorities to take possible action. Serge Doll Pusco notes that “the sooner the better”, “in some situations, especially at school, the wearing of the mask is induced”.

In the last 24 hours, 8,585 new cases of corona virus have been reported in Switzerland

Switzerland is counted on Wednesday 8,585 additional cases According to statistics from the Federal Office of Public Health (OFSP), we condemn the corona virus within 24 hours. 17 additional deaths And 103 patients have been admitted to the hospital. The positive ratio is 15.29%.

In the last fourteen days, the total number of infections was 67,732 or 777.69 new infections per 100,000 population. The ten-day delayed reproduction rate was 1.34. Covid-19 patients occupy 19.50% of the areas available for intensive care and have an aggression rate of 79.70%.

ஸி Aussie Osborne tour postponed

The organizers of the Live Nation event have announced that the musical performances of historically significant hard rock star Ozzy Osborne on their European tour with the group Judas Priest will be postponed from January-February 2022 to May 2023. A concert is scheduled for January 31 in Zurich.

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This decision was made “because of the persistent uncertainty about the entire arenas and the more complex travel equipment in much of Europe” and the tickets purchased were valid for the event. The artist said it would be valid for a future tour.

EU disease agency calls for emergency action

On Wednesday, the European Union’s Organization for Disease Control called on member states to take “urgent” action in the face of an epidemic in Europe and the risk of a “very high” health burden in December and January.

According to its director Andrea Ammon, the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention (ECDC) recommends a “booster” vaccine for everyone over the age of 18, with preference for those over the age of 40.

The European Union calls for an increase in the standard dose of the vaccine in the European Union, especially in the most backward countries.

70% of new cases are in Europe

On Tuesday, the World Health Organization warned that deaths in Europe would rise further. He then released some details: Thus, Europe last week collected almost 70% of new corona virus cases in different countries. A weekly increase in this region of 11% is more than 6% overall.

According to the report, nearly 2.5 million new infections have been detected in Europe compared to the previous week. Against a total of 3.59 million worldwide.

According to Christopher Berger, three goals are to be achieved

According to Christoph Berger, head of the Federal Commission for Vaccines, booster vaccines against Govt-19 will not end the epidemic. According to him, three points are crucial to achieve this goal.

First, all vulnerable people must be protected, Berger insists In an interview Posted this Wednesday in NZZ. That is why we now need to expedite booster vaccinations for those over 65 years of age.

Second, the vaccine protection of the population should be as high as possible, he adds. Therefore, even reducing protection against mild infections, which can last for several months after vaccination, should not be a problem.

Third, experts say many people who have not been vaccinated will be exposed to Govt-19 this winter. We hope enough people will have a certain immunity next spring, he adds.