December 9, 2021


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China and Taiwan, more than ever

The heirs of Sun Yat-sen, the leader of China’s first republic, appeared to be very divided. This weekend, on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, we celebrated the 110th anniversary of the revolution, which on October 10, 1911, marked the end of the millennial empire and the establishment of the Republic.

In Taiwan, the Republic of China had this day as a national holiday. In Beijing, National Day is celebrated on the 1stThere is October 1949 is the day the Communists came to power, but the leaders of the People’s Republic of China commemorate this earlier revolution on October 9, when they gave priority to the island’s authorities and did not recognize their independence.

Xi Jinping: “Reunion is Necessary and Achieved”

On Saturday, Xi Jinping, in the large hall of people, threw hot and cold. On the one hand he recalled, to loud applause “Reunification” From China and Taiwan “To be implemented and to be” And that “The main obstacle for separatists to reunite with the motherland and the serious danger to national renewal”. For him, “The Taiwan question is the result of China’s weakness and chaos and will definitely be resolved when national renewal becomes a reality.”. “Those who forget their ancestors and betray the homeland or divide the country are going to perish. They will be systematically rejected by the people and determined by history.” The Chinese leader concluded. This is part of the text taken by the media above all else.

Earlier, however, Xi Jinping was careful to include that merger “By quiet means” Will be “The interest of the whole Chinese nation, including the interests of our comrades in Taiwan.”. He used this word “Quiet” Three times, this After more than 150 incursions by the Chinese military into the Taiwan air defense identification zone 1 toThere is October may seem like an option to reduce tension.

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next day, Tsai Ing-wen, the leader of the “Republic of China, Taiwan”, responded to him with some ambiguity : “Oppose Taiwan annexation or violation of its sovereignty” “The future of the Republic of China must be decided by the will of the people of Taiwan and Taiwan.” She clarified.

Tsai Ing-wen hopes to reaffirm his desire to retain the status quo – neither the president nor his predecessors have declared a formal independence of the island “In the Face of the Expansion of Dictatorship”, Is Taiwan “In the first line” For “Defend Democracy”. She welcomed the importance of her country in the international arena: In Washington, Tokyo, Canberra and Brussels, Taiwan is no more [un sujet] Somewhat, She was amused before realizing it “The more results we get, the more pressure will come from China.”

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